On-Task Text SetsTM

Resources are tightly aligned to the TEKS & TEKS Resource System Units of Study in English and Spanish editions for grades K-5, and English editions for grades 6 and 8. On-Task Text SetsTM provide teachers with content-focused leveled readers and resources to support their social studies and/or ELAR instruction.
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Each On-Task Text SetsTM Unit:

  • Curates resources that support social studies and/or ELAR instruction
  • Aligns to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Resource Units of Study for social studies and/or ELAR
  • Integrates expository writing through research and understanding of social studies concepts
  • Contains one anchor text to use as an introduction to the unit plus five additional aligned titles
  • Assists the reading needs of all students
  • Follows the major content themes outlined in the TEKS and can be customized to your district’s scope and sequence

Each On-Task Text Sets™ collection includes the following:

Leveled Readers are aligned to a Guided Reading Level A–Z and the corresponding standards.

Instructional Guides provide teachers with suggestions on how to use the resources and introduce social studies and science concepts. Essential questions, key vocabulary, writing prompts, and alignments to the ELA TEKS are included.

Graphic Cards support content literacy in science and social studies through close reading. These double-sided cards include a variety of text features including graphs, charts, images, facts, etc.

Task Cards provide students with prereading questions and two tasks for students to complete once they have finished reading. Student responses may be recorded in their notebooks or journals as a formative assessment of their understanding.

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