Rosen Real Readers: Social Studies
Rosen Real Readers: Social Studies adhere to Rosen Classroom’s mission to provide quality, content-rich leveled readers for every classroom. These innovative fiction and nonfiction collections address the current English language arts and social studies needs of today’s educators and learners. The books provide rigorous, standards-aligned social studies content within an easy-to-use, leveled reading program while also addressing and celebrating the diversity of the modern American student body. The collections encompass all fundamental disciplines within social studies, including titles spanning Guided Reading Levels (GRL) A-H. The texts give students from kindergarten through third grade a solid start to becoming engaged, 21st-century citizens.

The titles in Rosen Real Readers Social Studies such as A River Runs Through This Valley (GRL B), Children Have Basic Rights (GRL D), Constitution Day (GRL B), and We Buy Vegetables from Mr. Owens (GRL B), explore the core disciplines of social studies, geography, civics, history, and economics through an accessible lens. Other titles like My Dad Takes a Train to Work (GRL A) and My Mother Was Born in Mexico (GRL A) take it a step further by ensuring a range of American experiences are explored. Through both fiction and nonfiction texts, children are given the opportunity to experience stories to which they can directly relate.
GRADES 2–3 (C–H)
Rosen Real Readers: Social Studies
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