Rosen REAL Readers: STEM and STEAM Fiction Collection 3 Levels A – B

Rosen REAL Readers: STEM and STEAM Collection

This program of leveled (GRL levels A-B) information texts provides a variety of forms such as fiction and procedural writing which is developmentally appropriate for emerging readers in Kindergarten and First grade. The fiction themes support and explain a child’s world, reinforcing positive social messages around being a contributing family member, a good student, and a good citizen. Each book contains strong picture-text correlations, fun situations that readers can relate to, cheerful colored illustrations, and developmentally appropriate syntax. Each fiction book in this set pairs with a nonfiction book for connecting across texts and comprehension through connection strategies.

Product type: Classroom Collection
ISBN: 978-1-5383-5980-8
Copyright: 2017
Reading Level: Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades K-3

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