Defying Death at the North and South Poles

Graphic Survival Stories

Most humans will never get to travel to or explore the poles, so they remain a rare and challenging experience. This fast-paced book takes readers through true stories of escape and survival in the extreme Arctic and Antarctic. Nature lovers, challenged readers, and high-interest seekers will be equally captivated and thrilled.

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Series Review: Graphic Survival StoriesReluctant readers and fans of survival and adventure stories will eat this series up. With many connections to more in-depth books about some of these survival tales, this series would be a wonderful addition to most collections.Library Media ConnectionSeries Review: Graphic Survival Stories...the high-impact stories will be of interest to reluctant readers.School Library JournalSeries Review: Graphic Survival Stories...While these are survival stories, and the outcome therefore isnt in doubt, the details are gruesome enough to attract readers who enjoy the extremefor example, many of the protagonists in the comic-book-style tales satisfy their need for water by drinking fresh animal blood. The only instance of cannibalism (in Sea) is given a much lighter touch. More visceral thrills than how-to references, these grisly depictions of harrowing experiences will entertain.School Library Journal
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ISBN: 978-1-6153-2857-4
Author: Rob Shone
Copyright: 2010
Reading Level: Grade 5
Interest Level: Grades 5-8
Lexile: 1060L
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 10"