Turning Points (Group 1)

Certain events have irrevocably changed the course of
history. Sometimes this change affects a specific group of people; other times,
the effects reverberate around the world. Historical events such as the Great
Depression, the Trail of Tears, and the Harlem Renaissance have set the stage
for the current American political and cultural climate. With the support of
compelling narratives, informative sidebars, and detailed timelines, readers
learn about the events of the past, helping them contextualize current events—a
crucial step in the process of thinking critically about both the past and
Each Book Contains:

• A list of websites that provide a starting
point for further research

• Maps and photographs that give a visual context
for the information provided in the engaging main narrative

• Annotated
quotes from primary sources that show history through the eyes of those who
experienced it
Curriculum Connections:

• Primary sources teach readers to
analyze and draw inferences from the texts

• Discussion questions at the end
of each chapter test readers' comprehension and encourage further research and

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5026-5843-2
Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grade 7
Interest Level: Grades 7-10
Dimensions: 6" x 9"