Spotlight On Weather and Natural Disasters: Sets 1 – 2

Weather is an ongoing process around the world, and it’s a topic people talk about on a daily basis. This set moves beyond everyday discussions to show readers the scientific causes and effects behind Earth’s weather. Each volume discusses weather phenomena, natural disasters, and even weather careers through the lens of STEM instruction. Dazzling photographs of weather, including storms, blizzards, floods, and droughts, enable readers to make a deeper connection with the text. Readers are sure to enjoy this essential set of earth science books.
• Primary sources present opportunities for additional learning
• Helpful glossaries equip readers with the language they’ll need to comprehend and discuss topics at a more advanced level

Product type: Interactive eBook Set
ISBN: 978-1-5383-4802-4
Copyright: 2019
Reading Level: Grades 4-6
Interest Level: Grades 3-8