Soccer's Greatest Clubs (Groups 1 – 2)

This unique collection explores and celebrates history's
most popular, successful, and lauded soccer clubs. Each book covers the history
of soccer and the specific club's origins, founding members, struggles,
important milestones, and achievements. Readers are introduced to notable
players both past and present, and current affairs in their domestic and
international competitions. Supplemented by fact boxes, sidebars, and historical
and current photographs, this collection shows how these clubs have transcended
their sport to become true cultural icons.
Each Book Contains:

• Fact
boxes that highlight key points, historically and in modern times

• Sidebars
that explore rivalries, partner women's clubs, and financial and promotional
tactics to market the club

• Photographs documenting the club's past and
present players, managers, and notable games
Curriculum Connections:

Places the club into historical context, allowing readers to draw connections
between the club's history and historical moments taking place in the wider
world simultaneously

• Encourages students to draw connections between
organizations and charity

• Equips students with chances to study the
financial conditions of an organization and explore how these conditions
contribute to success or failure

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5026-5846-3
Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grade 5
Interest Level: Grades 5-8
Dimensions: 6" x 9"