Mitología Egipcia: Isis y Osiris (Egyptian Mythology: Osiris and Isis)

Historietas Juveniles: Mitologías (Jr. Graphic Mythologies)

Hieroglyphs reveal how Osiris, the King of Egypt, became the King of the Dead. Follow his queen, Isis, as she restores the body of her murdered husband and helps him become king of the underworld.

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Series Review: Historietas Juveniles: MitologasThese titles feature condensed retellings of mythological stories from around the world. Anansi takes readers back to the time when no stories where told, so the spider decides to embark on a quest to win them all from Nyame. Quetzalcatl and Los cuatro dragones describe the creation of the world. Isis and Osiris explains the origin of the battle between good and evil personified in Horus, Osiriss son, and in Seth. Rmulo y Remo is about the upbringing of the two brothers by a wolf and how Rmulo kills Remo and creates Rome in his honor. In Jasn y el vellocino de oro, Jasn joins forces with the Argonauts to recapture the Golden Fleece and avenge his uncles death. The fast-paced texts are matched with colorful comic-style illustrations, with three to four frames per page. Each title begins with a profile of the main characters. Both the stories and dialogue will appeal to reluctant readers. Good selections for most collections.Ana Rodriguez, Tamarac Elementary School, FL, Crticas, Library Journal
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ISBN: 978-1-4358-3328-9
Author: Tom Daning
Copyright: 2009
Reading Level: Grades 2-3
Interest Level: Grades 3-6
Lexile: 740L
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