Grade 6: Sub-Saharan Africa

Aligns to the TEKS Resource System, Unit 7, Facing Challenges: Sub-Saharan Africa

With these resources, students will study Sub-Saharan Africa as a region. Students will examine the challenges faced by Sub-Saharan Africa after decolonization. Students will learn how the physical geography of Sub-Saharan Africa affects economic development in the region, how decolonization contributed to instability in Sub-Saharan Africa, how ethnic divisions resulted in human rights abuses in the region, and about the rich cultural traditions evident in the region.

Product type :
ISBN: 978-1-7253-6316-8
Classroom Collection: 6 copies of 6 books, 1 instructional guide, 6 copies of the graphic cards, 6 copies of 1 primary source, and task cards.
Single Copy Set: 1 copy of 6 books, 1 instructional guide, 1 graphic card, 1 primary source, and task cards.
eBook Set: 6 books, 1 instructional guide with task cards, 1 graphic card, and 1 primary source. eBook access includes unlimited, simultaneous access per classroom.

Instructional Materials

Each set includes the following instructional materials:

  • Instructional Guide: Provides teachers guidance of how they may use the resources included in each text set.
  • Graphic Cards: Supplements the books for students to explore the vocabulary, essential questions, and TEKS more deeply.
  • Task Cards: Present questions or statements aligned to the ELAR TEKS for students to respond to the reading they have completed.
  • Primary Source: Encourage students to seek better understanding through research.
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