Grade 5: The Cold War, Civil Rights, and The War on Terror

Aligns to the TEKS Resource System, Unit 11, An Anxious Nation: Creating a More Perfect Union

With these resources, students will learn about major issues and events of the 20th and 21st centuries, including the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the accomplishments of notable individuals in the area of civil rights.

Product type :
ISBN: 978-1-7253-9278-6
Classroom Collection: 6 copies of 6 books, 1 instructional guide, 6 copies of the graphic cards, 6 copies of 1 primary source, and task cards.
Single Copy Set: 1 copy of 6 books, 1 instructional guide, 1 graphic card, 1 primary source, and task cards.
eBook Set: 6 books, 1 instructional guide with task cards, 1 graphic card, and 1 primary source. eBook access includes unlimited, simultaneous access per classroom.

Instructional Materials

Each set includes the following instructional materials:

  • Instructional Guide: Provides teachers guidance of how they may use the resources included in each text set.
  • Graphic Cards: Supplements the books for students to explore the vocabulary, essential questions, and TEKS more deeply.
  • Task Cards: Present questions or statements aligned to the ELAR TEKS for students to respond to the reading they have completed.
  • Primary Source: Encourage students to seek better understanding through research.
Samples shown are from a unit at the same grade level as this collection.
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