The Eco STEAM series is a great resource that explores
everyday topics like farming and housing, and connects them back to the concepts
of sustainability and climate change. As students learn about the global issues
related to these topics, “Solve It!” activities encourage them to engage their
critical thinking skills and come up with eco-friendly changes for the future.
This series ultimately provides young readers with the tools to understand and
contribute solutions to the environmental issues that are dominating global
current events.
Each Book Contains:

• Exciting, hands-on activities that
allow readers to explore the sustainable side of science, design, and

• Dynamic illustrations and full-color photographs that complement
and further explain accompanying text

• A glossary that defines new
vocabulary for ease of reading and comprehension
Curriculum Connections:

Explores human dependence on natural and manufactured energy, and its effects on
our global biome

• Encourages critical thinking across multiple disciplines,
including science and technology, to solve presented problems

• Aligns with
the middle school Next Generation Science Standards for engineering design and
problem solving

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5026-5420-5
Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grade 5
Interest Level: Grades 5-8
Dimensions: 8" x 10"