Dilemmas in Democracy

Democracies are living institutions that adapt with the
times. The Dilemmas in Democracy series empowers young citizens to understand
nuanced topics, spotlighting key issues that democracies must navigate. Readers
are encouraged to think critically about the bounds of free speech, how campaign
donations shape elections, the limits of the right to vote, and more. Aligned
with the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards, this series presents
ways for young people to get involved and explains how the United States' system
of government compares to democracies around the world. Each book presents the
debates surrounding newsworthy subjects while also contextualizing contemporary
Each Book Contains:

• Objective discussions about today's nuanced

• Primary-source texts and explanations of pertinent laws and
sections of the Constitution

• Explanations of how the media reports on
highly charged topics and how media coverage shapes citizens' views

Suggestions for how young people can get involved in democratic
Curriculum Connections:

• Provides a comprehensive look at the
relationship between voters, government bodies, and the media

• Stimulates
critical inquiries and the evaluation of information sources

• Illuminates
the power of citizens and the consent of the governed

• Includes
easy-to-follow descriptions of the international agreements that affect the
United States and democracies around the world

• Demonstrates the effect of
current events, both domestically and internationally

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5026-4774-0
Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grade 7
Interest Level: Grades 7-12+
Dimensions: 6" x 9"