Core Concepts: Chemistry (Second Edition): Sets 1 – 2

Science allows people to have a deeper understanding of the amazing natural world that shapes our lives. These comprehensive sets cover scientific topics that are sure to captivate young readers as they learn about vital curriculum-aligned topics. These topics include the fundamentals of states of matter, biochemistry, chemical reactions, atoms and molecules, metals and metalloids, nonmetals, the periodic table, and organic chemistry. Each book covers key information about scientific topics in a lively and engaging way, complemented by vivid images and dynamic sidebars that offer detailed descriptions and definitions of important terms. The information in these books is sure to inspire a lasting understanding and appreciation of the role these science topics play in everyday life—and they may even spark interest in a career as a scientist!

• Includes the biographies of acclaimed scientists and a timeline of their life and work
• Each volume includes numerous diagrams and sidebars that make them comprehensive science guides
• Each volume also offers hands-on scientific activities to enhance critical thinking and understanding of scientific topics

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-4994-7796-2
Copyright: 2025
Reading Level: Grades 6-7
Interest Level: Grades 7-12+
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 9 1/8"