Conoce la historia de Estados Unidos (A Look at US History): Set 1

Conoce la historia de Estados Unidos (A Look at US History)

It's essential to understand the founding and early
history of the United States when learning about other American history. Why the
American Revolution happened, what the U.S. Constitution says, and the
consequences of the Civil War all influenced more recent history and how the
country is run today. Each book in this set presents an overview of one event or
time in early U.S. history, specially simplified and condensed for readers in
need of help or review. Full-color photographs and historical images highlight
important people and events included in the main content.

• Accessible
language allows struggling readers to engage with important social studies
curriculum topics more easily

• Concluding timelines help readers keep track
of key dates

• Additional important people, events, and concepts are included
in fact boxes

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5382-4968-0
Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grade 2
Interest Level: Grades 3-6
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 9 1/8"