America's Songs

This symbolic set explores some of the United States'
most recognizable and celebrated patriotic songs. Each volume considers the
origin of a song's music and lyrics, examining the historical and social
circumstances from which it emerged and tracing its evolution into the iconic
song that it is today. Positioned at the intersection of history and the arts,
this set reveals how world events can shape a piece of music, what studying
music can tell us about the past, and how songs can come to define a nation.
Supplemented by sidebars, fun facts, full-color photographs, and timelines, each
book also highlights the people who shaped the song, as well as some of its most
memorable performances in contemporary society.
Each Book Contains:

• Song
lyrics and easy-to-read sheet music that engage readers and help them understand
and play the piece

• Fun facts featuring key information about the song's
beginnings, journey to fame, and contemporary use

• Sidebars that discuss the
song's meaning and themes, its influences, and notable performances of the song

Curriculum Connections:

• Students will come to understand how music has
influenced and impacted American society over time, and vice versa

• Students
will learn how certain songs have helped shape America's values, ideas, and

• Students will explore the lives and significance of a song's creators, learning how they
influenced society or were influenced and inspired by societal events to
write their song

Product type: Classroom Collection
ISBN: 978-1-5026-4936-2
Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grades 2-5
Interest Level: Grade 3
Dimensions: 7.15" x 8 1/2"