The Vikings

The Vikings were some of the world's greatest travelers. From Norway, Denmark, and Sweden they set out in their wooden sailing ships. They discovered, raided, plundered, traded, and settled as far afield as Russia, America, the Middle East, Great Britain, and Ireland. They first came to England in A.D. 793 in their "fleet of stinging hornets and spreading on all sides like fearful wolves." In Europe by A.D. 800, a historian records "the endless flood of Vikings never ceases to grow bigger. "Viking raids continued for 250 years and Viking names and customs still exist in many places today. The raiders also left behind them plentiful evidence of their way of life, their skills as artists, craftsmen, and sailors. This primary source portfolio explores and illustrates the Viking world and their influence in Great Britain. It describes the ships they travelled in, the life they led, their culture and customs, and the art and traditions they left behind. The archaeological evidence presents a fascinating and colorful picture of these fearless adventurers and their own sagas relate their history and exploits. Included is a broadsheet essay that introduces readers to the Viking people, as well as a Study Guide with reproducible student activities. 11 Primary Source Documents: * The Viking homelands, an illustrated map * Traders and travelers, the Viking world * They come to the British Isles * Viking sites in Britain, a picture sheet * The death of St Olaf, a full color illumination from the Flateyjarbok * How the Vikings traveled * The Viking home, a reconstruction of Viking life * Beliefs and Burials * Viking culture, writing and ornaments * Thralls, karls and jarls, the Viking social structure * Clothes, customs, and cleanliness, Viking fashion and behavior

Product type: Primary Source Portfolio
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Author: Sylvia Nickels
Copyright: 1976
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Interest Level: Grades 8-12+
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