Vietnam War: 1964-1979

This photographic poster collection includes reproducible masters of a broadsheet essay, event list, and a photo analysis worksheet. 12 Historical Photographs: * U.S. Military Advisers Instruct South Vietnamese Soldiers, 1962 * First American Ground Troops Arrive in Vietnam, 1965 * U.S. Soldier and Vietnamese Mother and Children Avoid Sniper Fire, 1966 * Marines Emerge from Foxholes at Sunrise, 1966 * Soldier from 1st Air Cavalry Division Throws Basket in Flames, 1967 * Navy Seals Move Upriver Aboard an Assault Boat, 1967 * Helicopter Sprays Defoliant Agent in Jungle Area, 1969 * Ambush by Viet Cong Near Saigon, 1969 * Burning Draft Card at Selective Service Headquarters, Washington D.C., 1971 * March to the Capitol, 1971 * South Vietnamese Refugee Climbs Side of Naval Ship, 1979 * Two Women Place Roses at the Vietnam Memorial

Product type: Photo / Poster Collection
ISBN: 978-1-5669-6300-8
Author: Christine Brendel Scriabine, Ph.D.
Copyright: 2006
Reading Level: Grades 6-12+
Interest Level: Grades 6-12+
Dimensions: 17" x 22"