The Spanish Inquisition

An inquisition is a tribunal established to inquire into an offense and punish the offender. The Spanish Inquisition was a court first empowered in the 13th century by the Roman Catholic Church's pope of the time. The Inquisition attempted to force everyone in its vast area of influence to adopt its beliefs and doctrines. The Inquisition was officially named the Holy Office and it prevailed until 1966. The authorities in Spain believed that the greatest good for man was the strengthening of Christianity by the destruction of Jews, heretics, and infidels, and with terrible ruthlessness they set about their supposed duty. In 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella ordered all Jews to become Christians or leave the country. Many Jews became conversos (converts) to avoid punishment and save themselves. This primary source portfolio explores the attitudes and conditions of the Spanish Inquisition and other inquisitions in Europe during the Middle Ages. It chronicles the trials, torture, and execution of Jews, Moors, witches, and other nonconformists. This portfolio includes a Study Guide with reproducible student activities. The facsimile documents and essays incisively show the influence of the Inquisition on every walk of life from royalty to peasants. 6 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * What Was the Inquisition? * The Spanish Inquisition * How the Spanish Inquisition Worked * Who Were the Victims? * Auto de fe * The Spanish Inquisition and Witchcraft 8 Primary Source Documents: * A procession to an auto de fe, engraving * A description of and auto defeat Toledo in 1692 with a list of condemned, includes translation * The festive auto defeat Madrid in 1680, engraving * Designs for the ritual robes of the condemned, engravings * Engravings from Francisco Goya's Carprichos * An Edict of Faith issued in Valencia in 1512, includes translation * A bond, written by a nun, making a pact with the Devil * The Loyal Martyrs, an English ballad sheet

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Author: John Langdon-Davies
Copyright: 1968
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