The Russian Revolution

There were two Revolutions in Russia in 1917, the first in March and the second in November. The March Revolution brought the reign of the Tsars to an end. To many enlightened Russians, revolution seemed the only way to remove the Tsars and introduce a democracy similar to those in the West. Having no political experience or power, the Russian intelligentsia looked for extreme solutions. Hence, the existence of revolutionary parties, the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries, that used terror as a political weapon. During WWI, Russia's suffering was extreme. The Revolution of March 1917 was a direct result of the war. While the Tsar was overthrown, the new, provisional government made the costly mistake of continuing the war. This opened the door for the Bolsheviks, Lenin, Trotsky, and the Revolution of November 1917. This primary source portfolio's documents and essays will help students understand the major events that led to the U.S.S.R. This portfolio includes a Study Guide with reproducible student activities, and a "Think for Yourself" questions and reading list. 6 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * The February Revolution * The July Days * The Bolshevik Revolution * The Constituent Assembly * Civil War * Russia Since the Revolution 11 Primary Source Documents: * Background to the Revolution, a picture chart * Copy of Stalin's police file found in Tiflis, courtesy of the Radio Times Hulton Picture Library. * Draft of Lenin's April Theses in his own handwriting * Resolution in favor of armed uprising by the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party on October 23rd in Lenin's own handwriting * Two passes issued to American journalist John Reed in October and November 1917 * Two pages of the Manchester Guardian, November 9th 1917, courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum * Decree on peace published by Izvestia, November 9th 1917 * Secret report by the Military Attache in Petrograd, December 1917, courtesy of the Public Record Office * "Say! What Are You!" a propaganda pamphlet issued by the Bolsheviks to enlist the support of British soldiers sent to Russia during the Civil War, courtesy of the Imperial War Museum * Two banknotes issued by the Soviet government during the Civil War, overprinted by the White authorities, from the Institute of Bankers Collection of Paper Money * Handbill published in 1917 and three Civil War propaganda posters

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