The Plague & Fire of London

Two years in the middle of the 17th century changed the City of London more rapidly than at any other period in history. In 1665, the Plague claimed over a hundred thousand victims, one in three of those in London, and in 1666 the Great Fire spread through the city destroying eighty-seven churches during its four days and leaving five-sixths of the City of London as charred remains. This primary source portfolio reproduces the horror and calamity of these two years in London's history, with eye-witness accounts of the Plague from a Cambridge undergraduate, and a page from Pepys' diary. A contemporary illustration showing the extent of damage caused by the Fire and an examination of the legends that grew out of the turmoil put this period of history into perspective. 6 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * The Plague Hits Old London * How They Fought the Plague * Fleas and Plague * Pepys and the Plague * The Fire Begins * The End of it All 6 Primary Source Documents: * Facsimile of a letter from a Cambridge undergraduate, July 18th, 1665, describing London during the Plague, with a transcription * Facsimile of a Bill of Mortality * Facsimile of a page in code from Pepys's diary and an explanation of the code * Reproduction of Wenceslaus Hollar's picture of London before and after the Fire * Facsimile of the Orders conceived and published by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London, concerning the Infection of the Plague * Reproduction of portrait of Samuel Pepys by John Hayls, the portrait is referred to in Pepys' diary

Product type: Primary Source Portfolio
ISBN: 978-1-5669-6079-3
Author: John Langdon-Davies
Copyright: 1968
Reading Level: Grades 8-12+
Interest Level: Grades 8-12+
Dimensions: 13" x 9"