The Mayflower & The Pilgrim Fathers

In November 1620, a group of a hundred men, women, and children set foot on the soil of America to found a new colony. They were the Pilgrim Fathers. Many members of minority groups, dissatisfied with state-authorized Protestantism, had challenged the established Church of England, and fled abroad to escape persecution. Among them was a group of Separatists. In Leyden, Holland, this group made plans to emigrate to America. The adventurous voyage to the New World in the Mayflower was made in the hope of finally finding the freedom they desired. The problems and difficulties which faced the Pilgrim Fathers, the sickness and poverty that prevailed in the first years, are traced in this primary source portfolio, together with the voyage of the Mayflower and the influence of the Pilgrim Fathers on America. This portfolio includes a Study Guide with reproducible student activities. 5 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * The First Colony * The England They Left * From England to Leyden * The Mayflower * Of Plymouth Plantation 9 Primary Source Documents: * The Pilgrims and Their England, an illustrated booklet with a contemporary map and details of the Mayflower passengers * The record of the Pilgrims' request to settle in Leyden * The Hubbard map, the first map of New England to be printed in the New World * The Plymouth Patent granted by King James I to the settlers * Pages from "Mourt's Relation" 1622, describing the landing in New England * Pages from Good Newes from New England, a pamphlet written in 1624 by Edward Winslow to encourage settlers to come to Plymouth * A list of provisions which would-be settlers were advised to bring from England * Extracts from William Bradford's A History of Plimouth Plantation * An appraisal of the Mayflower made under Admiralty supervision in 1624

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