Martin Luther

The impact of the Reformation, which brought an end to the unity of Catholic Christendom, is still felt in our own time. Luther’s teachings and writings radically altered the course of religious and secular history. This portfolio outlines and illustrates his life, examines the development of his thoughts and ideas, and describes the events and personalities most closely involved with the crisis his teaching provoked. 6 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * Luther’s World * Martin Luther * The Sale of Indulgences * The Diet of Worms * The Reformation spreads * The Counter-Reformation 10 Primary Source Documents: * A copy of Luther’s Ninety-five Theses, printed in 1541 * Portrait of Martin Luther, painted by Lucas Cranach in 1526 * A Reformation woodcut satirizing the nature of the Church * A letter of safe conduct issued to Luther by Charles V to enable him to attend the Diet of Worms * Pages from Lucas Cranach’s Passional * The first and last pages of the agreement signed at the Marburg Colloquy * A handbill attacking John Calvin * A page from an early Lutheran hymnbook, 1533 * True and false religion, a full-color woodcut by Cranach, made about 1545 * Translation of Ninety-five Theses

Product type: Primary Source Portfolio
ISBN: 978-1-5669-6070-0
Author: E. R. Chamberlin
Copyright: 1972
Reading Level: Grades 8-12+
Interest Level: Grades 8-12+
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