The Making of the Constitution

The infant United States was suffering from disunion and crisis at home and lack of recognition as a nation abroad in 1787. The Convention that was held in Philadelphia to consider the urgent needs of government produced a Constitution that provided for a completely new and stronger government. Between May and September, delegates from 12 states debated, argued, and drafted the Constitution of the United States. The ideas and principles expressed in the Constitution were the result of evolution not revolution. Three of the forms of the Constitution are presented for comparison. The Bill of Rights was added in 1791 as a further clarification of the rights and responsibilities of the new government. People who lived during this period experienced the confusion caused by the inability of the country to unite after the Revolutionary War. They saw the bitter fight for ratification of the Constitution and took part in the exuberant celebrations when George Washington was elected President in 1790. It appeared that the new country could be united to prosper under this new Constitution. This primary source portfolio observes the participants and examines the issues, ideals, and principles that led to the U.S. Constitution. The historical document replicas allow students to touch and read some of the same documents the founding fathers used. This portfolio includes a Study Guide with reproducible student activities. 5 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * "Prophecies of the American Downfall" * "The Grand Federal Convention" * "The Results of Accommodations and Compromise" * Ratification "Not the Work of a Day" * "Brief Moment of Harmony 9 Primary Source Documents: * Buell Map of the United States of North America, 1784 * A Chronology on the Making of the Constitution and a List of Delegates to "The Grand Foederal Convention" * Edmund Randolph's Presentation of the Virginia Plan * First Page of George Washington's Copy of the First Printed Draft of the Constitution * Draft of Benjamin Franklin's Speech to the Federal Convention * A Broadside Version of the Constitution of the United States * George Mason's Speech on Slavery * Gallery of Portraits with Contemporary Comments * Proposal for the Bill of Rights

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Author: Elizabeth Bidwell Bates
Copyright: 1972
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