Ellis Island: The Immigrants' Experience

This photographic poster collection includes reproducible masters of a broadsheet essay, timeline with detailed notes, activities sheet, and a photo analysis worksheet. 12 Historical Photographs: * The Statue of Liberty * Crowds of immigrants on deck of the S.S. Amerika, 1907 * A view of Ellis Island from New York Harbor, 1905 * Immigrants on ferry in New York Harbor, 1905 * Gathering luggage, main building, Ellis Island * Endless lines await the immigrants in the Great Hall, 1904 * The dreaded medical exam, Ellis Island, 1920 * Children being examined for typhus, 1911 * Detained immigrants, Ellis Island dining room, 1900 * Leaving Ellis Island for New York City, 1900 * Moving on by rail, 1905 * Irving Berlin, immigrant

Product type: Photo / Poster Collection
ISBN: 978-1-5669-6158-5
Author: Enid A. Goldberg
Copyright: 1997
Reading Level: Grades 6-12+
Interest Level: Grades 6-12+
Dimensions: 17" x 22"