Byzantine Empire: A Cultural Legacy

The Byzantine Empire, spanning vast areas of eastern Europe and the Middle East, was one of the longest-lived and wealthiest empires in history. "Rome of the East," Byzantium was situated in both Europe and Asia and its capital, Constantinople, controlled the trade routes in Asia Minor. The Byzantine Empire was a bride between ancient and medieval times. While western Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, the Greek-speaking scholars of the Eastern Roman Empire preserved the heritage of ancient Greece and Rome. They kept alive classical art, letters, laws, and science for a millennium. They created and codified laws and religious, political, and social practices that are with us today. Today, peoples in Greece, Turkey, Italy, and much of eastern Europe can trace their cultural roots to Byzantium. This primary source portfolio describes and illustrates through hands-on facsimiles, the major accomplishments of the Byzantine Empire and its legacy to the world. This portfolio includes a Study Guide with reproducible student activities and a timeline of events and emperors. 6 Illustrated Broadsheet Essays: * The Byzantine Empire: An Historical Overview * A Tour of Constantinople, Imperial City * The Byzantine Emperor: Chosen of God * Great Lives * The Art of Byzantine Diplomacy * The Spread of Byzantine Civilization 12 Primary Source Documents: * Trade makes Byzantium rich * Coronation of an emperor * Correct protocol at the court of the Byzantine Empire * Byzantine liturgical poetry; a hymn of thanksgiving * Excerpt from the Byzantine liturgy * Hagia Sophia, Byzantium's most important building * Monasteries, strongholds of tradition and learning * Mosaics and icons, the most famous art forms of the Byzantines * Entertainments, baths, banquets, and the races * Byzantine science, technology, and medicine * Home and family life and the lives of women * Greek and Cyrillic Alphabets

Product type: Primary Source Portfolio
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