The Battle of Midway

Graphic Battles of World War II

For six months after its entrance into World War II, America suffered defeat after defeat against Japanese forces in the Pacific. However, America ended its string of losses in June 1942 during a three-day battle near the island of Midway. The stunning victory changed the course of the war in the Pacific. Carrier-based U.S. planes sunk four Japanese aircraft carriers, permanently damaging Japan?s fearsome carrier force and allowing the U.S. Navy to gain the strategic advantage.

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Series Review: Graphic Battles of World War IIThis series includes well-written and illustrated accounts of several events during World War III was impressed with the illustrations and the lack of blood and gore shown during the battle scenes, which makes them suitable for younger students. These books would also work well for older students who may need to outline or high-light the important facts from a World War II battle. Maureen Mooney, Library Media Specialist, Caroline St. School, Saratoga Springs, NYBook Review: The Battle of MidwayThe great thing about Rosen's books is that they take you INTO the battle...the strength of this book is that it takes you into the thick of the action, through both words and pictures, and it therefore succeeds in showing things that most other history books can succeed in only telling. Dan Head,
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