The Battle of The Bulge

Graphic Battles of World War II

By the end of 1944, Germany realized that an Allied victory was imminent. As a last-gasp offensive thrust, the Germans planned an operation to split the Allied lines in Belgium, circle around and destroy four Allied armies, and force the Western Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in favor of the Axis powers. After a brutal month-long struggle in freezing temperatures, the German advance was halted, and Nazi leader Adolph Hitler?s dreams of world conquest were finally crushed.

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Series Review: Graphic Battles of World War IIThis series includes well-written and illustrated accounts of several events during World War III was impressed with the illustrations and the lack of blood and gore shown during the battle scenes, which makes them suitable for younger students. These books would also work well for older students who may need to outline or high-light the important facts from a World War II battle. Maureen Mooney, Library Media Specialist, Caroline St. School, Saratoga Springs, NY
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ISBN: 978-1-4042-7422-8
Author: Bill Cain
Copyright: 2008
Reading Level: Grade 5
Interest Level: Grades 5-8
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