Take Action with Animals!

Learning about the wild and wonderful world of animals becomes even more fun thanks to an interactive approach in these playful guides to the animal kingdom. As readers learn the names of various cool creatures and the places they call home, they're encouraged to be active readers, shaking, tilting, and poking the pages as they follow along. The creative twist makes this an enjoyable experience for early learners and reluctant readers. Charming illustrations fill each page, taking readers on journeys through the snow, under the ground, under the sea, and into the sky to find facts about popular animals.

• Simple sentences and bold, colorful text helps early learners practice independent reading skills
• The essential skill of following directions is practiced as readers are told what action to take at the turn of each page
• Conversational tone encourages readers to ask questions and find answers about the natural world, which is an essential early science curriculum concept

Product type: Classroom Collection
ISBN: 978-1-4994-8811-1
Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades Pre-K-1
Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"